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2006: We Conducted first Career Workshop in College 2010: Started Program for High School 2011: National Youth Network (Came into Existence) 2012: First Open Program Career Express @ Hazaribag 2014: Associated with 2 Schools for Career Workshop 2017: A team of Like Minded Joined Together Career Tree: Name given 2018: Associated with 10 Schools 2019: Reached more than 30000+ Youth Conducted 175+ workshop focused on Career 2021: We come up with New Name- Introduced Indian adaption of Psychometric Assessment Unique Career Lab for Schools (Previously Career Club) Program for Parents Mentoring support for Students

Career vector is the most-advanced, updated and AI based platform for online and offline career guidance, assessment, and career counselling, designed for school students and college going graduate. We help you discover your best career options through our 5-dimentional psychometric assessment, follow by intensive personalized mentoring and handholding. Connect with us and give direction to your career.

Career Vector came into existence to help Students and Parents to take informed career decision. Because Career Planning matters more than anything else. A mentored or guided student, based on his natural talent, personality and ability is better equipped to make career choices. Thus, this ensures lesser stress and a better future. Our Philosophy At career Vector, we look at Career Guidance as a journey that a student needs to start from School (8th onwards) starting with discussion to Psychometric Test, followed by intensive mentoring and career planning activities. This will lead to a strong career foundation. Career Guidance is an integral part of education system either in Schools or college or outside. It is our belief that every school and college, every student and every parents of the country must strive to provide a comprehensive, time bound and friendly Guidance experience to all students.

Mission: As name indicates, we are on mission to help youth in deciding their right career path. Right Information+ Right Person+ Right time= Right decision. Vision: To promote the right to choose a Career based on natural strengths Our Strengths: CV platform is blended with AI and ML with strategic Guided expert interventions to enable career planning, a success. CV team, advisory board and psychometric team bring unparalleled experience in the domain with the singular aim to help students. ……………………………………………….. To choose the right career is probably the most important decision in anyone’s life. But most of the people are a victim of career indecisiveness. A career guidance platform is the need of the hour to cater to millions of confused individuals. It’s weird that when we buy some product online or go shopping, or if we are going to check out some new place we always consult our friends. But when it comes to career guidance, we are happy with whatever life has for us in-store rather than seeking career guidance and finding the most suitable career path. There is a high probability if you don’t seek career guidance at the right time you might end up in the wrong career. Let me ask you a few questions? • How will you feel if your friends are earning more than you? • How will you feel if your friends are living their life to fullest and going on trips once in 3 months? • How will you feel if daily you see the status updates of your friends/ relatives getting a promotion or going out for a team outing? I can go on and on. The need of the hour is to look for alternatives which not only gives you a satisfying career but also a happy life. So don’t just sit there and wait for some magic to happen in your career life. You need to ponder and the best recourse is to go for career counselling at the nick of time before it is too late. What is career counselling? Most of the students are confused for their career and professionals are stressed up. Unlike past, today a lot of career opportunities are available in India. More than 3000+ career options are available only in India to choose from. To know about all these career options and to pick the best one is really difficult. We need a professional career counselling. Career counselling is a systematic process where career counsellor helps student and working professionals to make informed career decisions. Career counselling cannot be biased towards parents or towards students. Neither career counsellor can pick their own preferences. Career counselling is the completely unbiased process. It is purely based on student’s personality, Career interest, career motivators and his aptitude. Career counselling in India is very popular now and more and more students are opting for it. Why is career counselling important? Career counselling provides better understand and clarity about the career. It saves a lot of time, money, frustration because of career indecisiveness. A career counsellor not only helps the student to find out the most suitable career option but also provide a detailed execution plan. Informed career decisions- Career counselling helps to make informed career decisions. Clear Education and Career Road Map - Students will get a clear educational and career road map. Early-stage career counselling always gives more time for execution. Career Satisfaction - Thing about to pursue a career that you love to. Career counsellor explores your interest areas, personality and abilities and based on that fins out most suitable career option for you. Career Opportunities - Today a lot of career opportunities and new aged career options are available. Most of the students and professionals are not aware of these career opportunities, latest trends, salary packages and much more crucial information that plays an important role to select a career option. Trained career counsellors always update themselves for all such crucial information and systematically guide students to make the right career decision. A career in data science, a career in artificial intelligence, a career in digital marketing and many newer aged career options.

How we help you? At career vector ,We share a common goal to ensure that students or your child can give wings to his dream. We start by introducing students to various world of work . followed by a psychometric assessment, and personalised session along with parents.



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